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Out to eat (Italian)

Hey folks, I'm looking for your help.

Last year, my work had a 'holiday dinner' at 'La Dolce Vita' on Woodward in Detroit. Basically it is an expensive Italian place. My boss tried to help by calling ahead to see if vegans could be 'accommodated.' She was assured it was possible.

When eating there, the waiter freaked out when I said vegan and I was told that all of their noodles contained egg and that they could not make eggplant without the parmesan cheese. I just asked for some veggies with marinara on top cause I didn't know I had to play meal planner. I ended up eating a small bowl really bland squash with marinara over the top. Everyone else got huge portions of dead animal and I'm sure I made veganism look really cool.

Anyway, anyone got any tips for this? I am probably going to call ahead this year and figure something out, but I don't know anything about 'authentic' italian food. The whole egg in noodles thing confused me, but I guess that is the true italian way?

So what can an italian place make without noodles that is vegan?

Thanks for the help, I'm probably gonna crosspost this.
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