br0ken_dolly (br0ken_dolly) wrote in michigan_vegan,

grill for sale

I posted this on craigslist and thought maybe the veg*ns in Michigan might be interested.

We've got to move out of state really soon (damned economy) and we're selling a TON of stuff that we can't take with us (and so we can afford to eat *insert pity here*), so we're selling our gas grill.

We bought this amazing gas grill last year and used it a LOT but it's still in awesome shape. I'm listing it here because it's almost a totally vegetarian grill-- early on when it was new, my husband cooked a small amount of meat on it, but I scrubbed the heck out of it until I felt comfortable using it for vegan food, and ever since then, it's only seen vegan food. We've kept it really clean anyway, but I thought maybe someone would be interested in a freakin' awesome grill that isn't covered in meat grease.

We spent about $600 on it when we bought it, and are asking $300 for it now. The craigslist post (with more pictures) is here:

See under the cut for one pic:

cross-posted to michigan_vegan and vegmichigan. my apologies if you see this twice.
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